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Oct 24, 2019

In our inaugural episode, Jason, Patrick and Wende cover the Pastafarian prayer in Alaska, as well as Ellen and having a beer with George W. Bush. We talk about the recent news out of the Amber Geiger trial - specifically around the judge handing her a bible. Facebook is also trying to help you use your computer with your mind. That's not terrifying at all, right?

Author and theologian David Fitch joins us on the program this week. David is a former Wall Street trader, church planter, and pastor. He serves currently as B. R. Lindner Chair of Evangelical Theology at Northern Seminary Chicago, IL.

David's most recent book, "The Church of Us vs Them: Freedom From a Faith that Feeds on Making Enemies" dives right into exactly what this podcast is all about. There are ideologies that culture is feeding us, in and outside of the church, and they tear us apart. Jesus invites us into a blessed third way, that draws us closer into community, and into the way of the Father. 

You can pick up his book here: (affiliate link; costs the same to you, supports our show!)